Manicure Table NM904


If you are looking for a space-saving manicure table that still provides all the benefits of our original nail stations, look no further. The NM 904 Manicure Table is only 30 inches long and will fit into the tightest spots of your salon, while providing you with plenty of benefits, just like our bigger manicure tables.

You can use this miniature manicure table in the smallest spaces, utilizing all of your spa or salon space for work. Wheeled castors allow you to move this lightweight table instantly wherever you need it, while side drawers and convenient openings for power cords allow your manicurist to organize tools and supplies instantly.

You will not sacrifice great looks with this table, either. If you like the sophisticated elegance of some of Whale Spa's other tables, you will love the deep, Black, or Gray base with the blindingly clean White top that is easy to clean. This handsome piece will work anywhere you choose to use it!


  • Small profile means that this table can be used in the tiniest corners or spaces
  • Convenient side drawers and openings for power cords or tools
  • Durable quartz countertop
  • Beautiful Black or Gray


L 30" x W 16" x H 30"


Subtotal: $460

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