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Lucent II Pedicure Chair

$1,900 $3,395

Please be advised that clearance items may consist of showroom display units, potentially with limited stock and cosmetic imperfections. Rest assured, all items undergo thorough testing before shipping. Please note our strict policy: clearance items are non-refundable and non-returnable.

The Lucent II available here is a refurbished product. Please note that this particular version of the Lucent II does not feature LED lights on the sides of the base or within the basin.

The Lucent II Pedicure Chair is unrivaled in its brilliance with stunning Diamond ShadowTexture™ sides. This model will be the hallmark of luxury pedicure experiences for your nail salon clients.

The Lucent pedicure chair is also finished with diamond-quilted PU vegan leather accompanied by a striking iridescent “mother of pearl” finished crystal basin. With the Lucent pedicure chair, set the trend and make a statement of luxury for your clientele.


  • Diamond ShadowTexture™ sides 
  • Crystal-glass basin with iridescent, “mother of pearl” finished surface
  • Basin is durable, thermal shock resistant, and compatible with spa liners
  • Caresst Massage  ™ commercial-grade with fully-featured programs and auto shut-off
  • Diamond-quilted PU vegan leather 
  • Massage controls built into armrest--no more dangling or dropped remote controls 
  • Foldable gloss wood trays with cup holders
  • Integrated purse hooks built into armrests
  • Adjustable footrest with calf support 
  • Included matching diamond-quilted pedicure stool 
  • 1-year warranty 


Subtotal: $1,900

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