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Lucent II Pedicure Chair

A stunning modern design, the original Lucent was the first pedicure chair to incorporate Whale Spa’s exclusive ShadowTexture™ lighting in which LED lights are directed at the top and sides of a deep diamond texture creating a dark and light effect on the surface. ShadowTexture™ lighting has since been expanded into the Facet Collection with matching reception desks and manicure tables.

Lucent II Pedicure Chair

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Whale Spa Lucent II Pedicure Chair | Best Pedicure Chair
Lucent II Pedicure Chair Sale price$3,395.00

Experience The Luminance Of The Lucent II

Discover the modern shape, newly added reflective diamond facets etched into the crystal glass itself, and a glowing basin to give the the ultimate effect is a crystal basin that brilliantly glows and shimmers. The crystal basin sits atop a flowing glossy fiberglass base with ShadowTexture™ lighting and truly creates a next-level pedicure chair.

Diamond Crystal Glass Basin

A modern basin shape with reflective diamond facets etched into the crystal glass itself. Brilliant LEDs inside and shining upwards from below, light up the crystal glass showcasing this art piece as it glows and shimmers.


Adjust the footrest for calf support or place a UV light machine on its flat surface to cure gel polish.

Caresst Massage™

The next generation of massage systems. Chief among its many innovations, this massage is built on a dual steel gear rail system rather than conventional corkscrew designs, providing a smoother massage with a more reliable mechanism. This is our top-of-the-line massage -- robust, reliable and fully featured. Available in genuine leather or Enduro vegan leather.

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All pedicure chairs receive a 2-year warranty.

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