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Eve Pedicure Chair

Utilizing an innovative massage mechanism, the Eve pedicure chair provides clients with a therapeutic experience that is both gentle and effective. Our airbag movement technology is carefully designed to prevent any discomfort or shaking during the manicure process, as the airbags inflate and deflate seamlessly, mimicking the kneading and tapping techniques of a professional masseuse, leaving your clients feeling revitalized. The heat therapy aids in improving blood circulation and alleviating muscle tension. Choose the Eve to experience the power of air.

Eve Pedicure Chair

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Whale Spa Eve Pedicure Chair | Best Pedicure Chair
Eve Pedicure Chair Sale price$3,146.00 Regular price$3,495.00

Ultimate Pedicure Chair With Airbag Movement And Heat Therapy.

Discover the ultimate relaxation experience with Eve, the innovative pedicure chair that combines airbag movement technology and heat therapy to provide your clients with a gentle and effective therapeutic experience. Treat yourself to the power of air and experience the ultimate in relaxation with Eve.

AirWave Massage

Experience the power of air with the AirWave. The massage functions relieve tension, invigorate the back, glutes, and thighs, and provide soothing relief for tight muscles. Depending on the program selected, the air bags inflate and deflate.

Zen Minimalist Design

With clean lines and minimalist design, the natural color palettes creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for any salon looking to provide a Zen-like environment.

Therapeutic, Soothing, Heated Seats

Warmth emitting from the cushions as soothing air travels throughout helps ease any aches or pain in the body. This combination creates a cozy and comforting sensation, making it the perfect way for clients to unwind.

Technical Specifications

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