Whale Spa conditionally warrants your pedicure spa in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth below for a period of two (2) years commencing on the original date of shipment of the Pedicure Spa to you. The warranty only applies to the Pedicure Spa’s original end-user owner or customer. This Conditional Warranty is non-transferable and replaces any warranties previously published by Whale Spa. If examination of the Pedicure Spa by Whale Spa during the applicable warranty period shows it to have a defect in material or workmanship, Whale Spa will, at its option, repair or replace the defective component or part thereof. Further, Whale Spa may, at its discretion, replace a defective component or part with a refurbished component or part. Whale Spa shall bear all charges incurred for the shipment of replacement components or parts. The forgoing limited warranty does not apply: 

  • Normal wear and tear is not covered under the warranty. Additionally, components subject to wear and tear, such as magnet jet heads, are likewise excluded from warranty coverage.
  • to the Pedicure Spa, or any components or parts thereof, if subjected to misuse or neglect or if accidentally or intentionally damaged. 
  • to the Pedicure Spa, or any components or part, if altered or modified in any way. 
  • to any expenses incurred by the Customer or any third party, including labor or material, during investigation, removal or reinstallation of the Pedicure Spa or any defective components or parts. 
  • to any damage to or impairment of the Pedicure Spa, or any components or parts thereof, caused by any casualty, including without limitation, accident, fire, wind, floods, acts of nature or attempted theft. 
  • to any workmanship of a fabricator (other than Whale Spa) or installer of the Pedicure Spa. 
  • to staining, fading, or discoloration of any portion of the Pedicure Spa including upholstered seat, armrests or footrests. 
  • to malfunctions or damage caused by improper installation of the Pedicure Spa, including, but not limited to, failure to meet local, state, or local plumbing, electrical and building codes. 
  • to freight damage or damage incurred to the Pedicure Spa while in possession of any party other than Whale Spa. 

This forgoing conditional limited warranty is also conditional upon: 

  • the Pedicure Spa being installed by a licensed professional in accordance with Whale Spa’s installation instructions. 
  • the proper use of cleaning and sanitizing solutions in accordance with the instruction labels provided by Whale Spa. Repeated use of concentrated chlorine or other chemicals will void this limited warranty. 
  • determination by Whale Spa, in its reasonable discretion, that there exists a defect in material or workmanship. Repair or replacement of any part or component under this Limited Warranty, or furnishing a replacement pedicure spa, shall not extend the duration of the warranty with respect to such repaired or replaced part beyond the stated warranty period. When a part or component is replaced, it will be under warranty for 90 days, or for the remaining life of original warranty, whichever period is greater. 



For troubleshooting visit: whalespainc.com/troubleshoot 

Should your Pedicure Spa require service, please contact: 

Whale Spa – Technical Support 1-888-650-7888 

Email: info@WhaleSpa.com