Lexi Pro- Double Diamond Manicure Stool 1009H

$175 $235

This new technician’s stool features a double diamond-quilted pattern that is made from Enduro vegan leather. The Lexi Pro-Double Diamond Pedicure Stool is available in 100 different colors. 

Please contact us with your choice of color for your salon.


  • Enduro Leather made in the USA
  • Diamond Quilted Leather
  • Chemical resistant
  • Medium seat height range: 16"- 21" 
  • High seat height range: "19-25" 
  • (Also available in optional seat height range: 13" - 16" Pedicure Stool)
  • Made in USA   

SKU: 1009H

Patent #: D781606

Prop 65 Warning 


Subtotal: $175

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