Let's Talk About Our Newsleather!

At Whale Spa, we take great pride in our craftsmanship of leather goods; from our technician stools to our pedicure spa chairs. Our meticulous work provides our customers the option to fully customize their spa chairs to their liking and needs. Every leather has its differences that set it apart from one another. This allows our customers to customize different colors, patterns, trimmings, and embroidery.

Leather is a natural, tough material and is extremely versatile. It can withstand punctures, tears, and scratches while remaining supple to the touch. Leather offers a timeless, classic look and is allergen free. Whale Spa offers three varieties of leather: Genuine, PU, and Enduro Leather. Over the next few weeks, let’s take a closer look at each type of leather, starting with Genuine Leather.


Our Genuine Leather is automotive grade and full grain, which provides unparalleled durability helping it withstand tough use and resulting in a longer lifetime. Its breathability results in less moisture from prolonged contact. Genuine Leather is made with real Italian leather that is available in three different colors; chocolate, gray, and black. It is also available in two different patterns; our classic chevron and double diamond.

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