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Pedicure Chair Customization - Information

Discharge Pump

Essential for setups where the drain line is above ground level, such as on a wall. This pump ensures efficient drainage and prevents water buildup.

OneTouch™ Auto Fill

A smart auto shut-off water system that prevents your basin from overflowing while being filled. This feature provides peace of mind and convenience by automatically stopping the water flow at the right time.

Power Seat Controller

A handy button for your technician to adjust or recline the massage seat. This controller works independently of the remote, allowing seamless operation and comfort for your clients.

USB & AC Outlet

The outlet is conveniently located on the side of the pedicure base, allowing your technicians to easily plug in their tools or providing your customers with a place to recharge their devices.

Air Vent

A system of pipes and hoses located under the pedicure chair, designed to connect to your salon's HVAC system. Ventilation requirements may vary according to local codes, ensuring proper air flow and comfort.

Flush Mount

A dust collection system for each table, ensuring a clean and tidy workspace. The filter must be cleaned at the end of each day to maintain optimal performance and hygiene.