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Drying Station ND11

Sale price$900.00 Regular price$1,000.00

Made of beautiful and durable laminated wood, you will be tempted to buy this quick-drying station for its looks alone. Fortunately, we have built-in efficient and incredible UV lights and fans with independent switches for both hands and feet, making this nail drying station a truly versatile and useful addition to your spa or salon!

This dryer operates independently so that up to four clients can dry hands, feet, or both or set gel nails quickly and effectively. No more customers hanging around for half an hour hoping that their polish will set! 

Now, you can get them dry and ready to go in no time with this handy drying station. The unit uses UV light, a safe and effective way to dry polish or set gel nails with no risk of burning and less heat than traditional incandescent lamps. 


  • Up to four clients at once with independent on/off switches 
  • UV and fan drying makes polish a snap to finish quickly


L 32" x W 32" x H 42"

Whale Spa Black Drying Station ND11 UV, Fits 4 People, Nail Dryer, Nail Drying Lamp | Salon and Spa Equipment
Drying Station ND11 Sale price$900.00 Regular price$1,000.00